Jung Il Woo : the Heavy Hair Scheduler

Our childish scheduler, Jung Il Woo, become cooler. With a gothic look, Jung Il Woo show himself up for “Single” photo shoot. He’s wearing black outfit, smokey eyes, skull ring, emmmm :rolleyes: …with red shoes?
But the most attracting is his hair style. I think the hair looked like a Roman army helmet because i don’t think it’s suitable if I call this hairstyle >> mohawk. He looked so weird but frankly he’s still handsome.
I like his acting in “49 Days”, so fresh and witty.

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  1. Elizabeth (Libby) Hightower

    Jung IL Woo is my “baby”. He looks good in whatever. It would be great to meet him and talk to him for a while before the end of my days. I was introduced to him on Netflix doing the COVID 19 epidemic and have followed him every since. His acting skills are superb, and he as a person (finding out when doing my research) is a passionate, caring person, etc.. It is great when he videos his adventures; letting us see him cooking, and showing other activities he like or is learning.

    Am I a “fan” of his? of course! But if I had the opportunity, I would love to spend a lot of time with him.

    We have a lot in common, but the age difference probably would be a problem for him and others, but not me.

    It would be great if he could read this, but with all the million of people that care for him, I know it would be impossible. IL Woo stay safe and well.

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