Jung Il Woo-The Scheduler: the Eccentric Style

Actually it’s a bit hard to decide, Jo Hyun Jae or Jung Il Woo who makes me feel excited watching “49 Days”. I’m not greedy but I decided not to pick, because I enjoy them both. :mrgreen:

Therefore, in addition to admire Jo Hyun Jae’s good shape, I also enjoy Jung Il Woo’s cute face on these pictures of him as The Scheduler. I have never objected to his eccentric style; from shocking colors, sophisticated clothes until the weirdo curly haircut. Therefore I’m not bored seeing him, Ouuuh I’m melting …he even looks so sweet like a candy in that pinky shirt.

God, suppose the scheduler really exists, I hope they’re all cute like Jung Il Woo. ;)

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3 Responses to Jung Il Woo-The Scheduler: the Eccentric Style

  1. I love jung I’ll woo

  2. he is very beauty.he is grate

  3. i love u my love

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