JYJ’s Jae Joong Joins Song Seung Hun for “Time Slip Dr.Jin”

Our moo-neunim from “Protect the Boss”, Kim Jae Joong, will continue his acting career on next drama, “Time Slip Dr.Jin” that will be airing on cable tv (Channel A). on February 21st, he already confirmed to become Song Seung Hun’s rival.

Since he will be sparing with Song Seung Hun apparently he has to play as the second leading man again, but there’s an another good news. In this drama Jae Joong will act as a swordman from Joseon era, Kim Kyung Tak, so it means he will appear more dashing and shows more of his masculine charm….ouch..i can’t wait to see him wearing the hanbok and play the sword.

Actually I’m still confused about what kind of competition between the genius doctor with the best swordman? I guess it has someting to do with a girl…?

Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) the lovesick-neurosurgeon,  travels 150 years backwards in time to Joseon era, around the year of 1860, to learn more about life, love, and find something precious for his life. Meanwhile Kim Kyung Tak (Jaejoong) is a sensitive-warrior, who will be face to face with Jin Hyuk as a rival. They both try to reach their desire.

I really love Jae Joong’s character in “Protect The Boss”, Cha Moo Won, the loveable cousin. I think it’s because Jae Joong’s acting was really good, so on this next project I really hope he can improve his acting skill. ;)

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