Song Seung Hun and Park Min Yeong Together on “Time Slip Doctor Jin” Teaser Photo

For anticipated “Time Slip Doctor Jin” that released on May 26th, more stills revealed. Finally the Joseon couple show their intimacy. The genius brain-surgeon Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) jumped into 1860’s and met the nobleman’s daughter, Hong Yeong Rae (Park Min Yeong). They both will fall in love with each other. This picture (above) is so romantic, with mellow expression, Yeong Rae back hugging Jin Hyuk.

Meanwhile, Hong Yeong Rae has a doppelganger or some kind of reincarnation on modern days, Yoo Mi Na (also Park Min Yeong), she’s Jin Hyuk’s colleague on hospital. These girls have pretty different personalities, but they have one common thing, they are involved in romance with the same person, Jin Hyuk.

As time traveler, Jin Hyuk has to adapt on traditional living, including  elaborated his modern medical knowledge with medical traditional method. On Joseon Jin Hyuk will get helped by Lee Ha Eung (Lee Beom Soo), actually he’s the royal family member , but as an artist his life really modest and free.

“Doctor Jin” will start airing on May 26th.

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