Kang Dong Won and Shin Min Ah Team Up for Short Movie

20130223-Kang Dong Won_Shin Min Ah

Even though Kang Dong Won is busy for filming his up-coming movie as also his comeback project post-army, title “Band of Thieves”, he spares his time to help director Kim Ji Woon (I Saw The Devil) on his short movie project “Hide and Seek”.

Kang Dong Won starring “Hide and Seek” alongside with Shin Min Ah, frankly i think this is too much put these big names just for short movie. I hope in the future there will be producers who pair them on the real (long) movie project.

“Hide and Seek” will perform on theater in new technology “ScreenX”. On that movie Kang Dong Won plays as X, a mysterious transporter who run the danger mission, while Shin Min Ah plays as his secret girlfriend, Mia.

Since this is just a short movie, so this movie is planned to ready for screening on theater a month after filming process, maybe on this spring…yeah at least we can see Kang Dong Won on big screen faster before “Band of Thieves” is released.

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