Kang Dong Won Confirmed to be Ha Jung Woo’s Enemy on New Movie “Band of Thieves”


Kang Dong Won has chosen his comeback project. Finally he agreed to appear on up-coming sageuk movie project  “Bands of Thieves”, on this movie he will be head to head with Ha Jung Woo.

The movie takes the set on 19th century, and tells about poor people versus corrupt wealthy noblemen, due to this cruelty, a band of thieves created to fight for justice illegally, and Ha Jung Woo will performs as the leader, Dol Moo Chi.  Kang Dong Won, once again, will portray a bleak character, the villain Jo Yoon, he is a very talented swordsman. Actually he is the son of concubine, her father is the richest nobleman. I think this character is not too different with his role on “Duelist”.

“Band of Thieves” begins filming early next year. Oh this is still too long for the movie screening.  Time please run faster! i just can’t wait to see Kang Dong Won paling his sword and duel with Ha Jung Woo, i bet they both will not disappoint us.

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