Kang Ji Hwan’s Musical Success In Japan

Musical drama “Caffeine” gains a big success in Japan. Even on the first day of  the performance, the theater was fully crowded with audience. “Caffeine” is a musical drama starring Kang Ji Hwan. “Caffeine” is taken from a comic story and Kang Ji Hwan played as a playboy (a common thing for him). However, this time he’s doing a full-package appearance since he had to do acting, singing, and dancing all in the same time.
Although this is the first time for Kang Ji Hwan, he played very well and got a standing applause from the audience. And I think the main reason why this show was filled with audiences was because of Kang Ji Hwan’s charisma. Apparently since “Coffee House“, Kang Ji Hwan has become one of the successful Hallyu stars and gained more fans from foreign countries.

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