Kang Ji Hwan is Back for “Incarnation of Money”

20130105-Kang Ji Hwan

Yay! Kang Ji Hwan is back to the business soon!

I don’t know (and i don’t care) the progress of his legal issue, but on January 4th already confirmed that Kang Ji Hwan will team up with Hwang Jung Eum on SBS’s up coming drama “Incarnation of Money” (돈의 화신).

“Incarnation of Money” is satire comedy that came from the same team behind of “History of Salary Man”. This drama tells about debtor  and the daughter of loan shark, as well as on “Salary Man”, once again money becomes the main issue here even can make people insane.

This drama is scheduled for airing on February 2nd, to follow “Cheongdamdong Alice”. Besides dying to see the witty gentleman, Kang Ji Hwan, back on small screen, I also loved “History of Salary Man” since the drama was so cynical and comical, so i’m waiting for this too.

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