Kang Ji Hwan Is Still Trouble With His Former Agency

This is too bad because maybe we will not see Kang Ji Hwan on any small screen, big screen, or even on musical in the close time. the actor is still stucked on his problem with his former agency, S Plus. Actually his contract ends on December, but since October, as de facto Kang Ji Hwan has been taken care by his lawyer, since he think that the agency not work properly as he hopes.

The situation makes both sides lose and blame each other. Both sides has already held a couple of meeting to reach the agreement, but they failed.

On November, Kang Ji Hwan refused mediation process that offered by CEMA (Corea Entertainment Management Association). Finally this month, the agency and Kang Ji Hwan as well decided to chose litigation process to solve their conflict. The agency sued Kang Ji Wan for unilaterally break the contract and demand compensation.

Legal battle is very long process and exhausting,  what a pity if Kang Ji Hwan wasting his precious time just for this,

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