Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo for New Movie “The Miracle”

The fantasy thriller movie “The Miracle” is getting closer to wrap up the casting. It seems that Kim Kang Woo and Kim Bum will act  as rivals on this project, the detective and the criminal. On February 10, reportedly their agencies were still under negotiation with the movie producers.

Kim Kang Woo is offered to play  as Yang Chun Dong, the homicide detective. This is not his first time. Before this on his movies like “The Invincible” and  “Rainbow Eyes” he also played as the police. But this time he must work harder because Yang Chun Dong is a unique person. He loves his job as a criminal investigator but  he also has unusual side business, he sells water purifiers.  He put high interest on murder and kidnapping cases, especially if the victims are children.

His life goes on like that until one day, to solve the missing child case Yang Chun Dong has to investigate the young artist (played as Kim Bum) as the most potential culprit. Kim Bum’s character is also unique. He really likes making murals, especially for children.

Recently, Kim Bum just wrapped up his melodrama “Padam Padam,” so I think he will be positive to appear as the mysterious artist in this movie. It’s scheduled to start the production next month, on March.

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