Kim Bum Lost 22 Pounds for “Padam Padam”

Kim Bum attended the press conference event for his new drama “Padam Padam” or the longer title “Padam Padam…The Sounds of His and Her Heartbeat” at Seoul Palace Hotel on November 30. He plays on this romantic drama alongside seonbae-deul, Jung Woo Seong (Athena) and Han Ji Min (“Cain and Abel”, “Capital Scandal”).

On  that event, he revealed that he lost his weight over 22 pounds for the sake of his role on “Padam Padam”. He thought his character as Lee Gook Soo, who believes he is an angel, had to look thin and fat-less. Then he decided to loose his weight, and also because Goo Soo always sleeps without shirt (oh damn… so this drama will show the topless Kim Bum??? :mrgreen: ) because he’s afraid that his wings might grow in the middle of the night (insane! but i don’t care, he will be topless). Kim Bum really prepared his topless scenes by working out for months,  and i trust he will show his best shape… :lol: just another  exploitation on drama!!! But actually seeing him like now, no more fat on his cheeks, i feel i lost my cute boy, now he looks mature and…mmm..gloomy… :?

Gook Soo is the guardian-angel-like for the couple, Yang Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung) and Jang Ji Na (Han Ji Min). Padam Padam will be airing on JTBC starts on December 5th.

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