Kim Bum’s Next Drama “Padam Padam”

Long time no see my baby boy on screen. Finally this late year Kim Bum will comeback on small screen with new melodrama, “Padam Padam..The Sounds of His and Her Heartbeat” (빠담빠담-그와 그녀의 심장박동소리) or you can call just “Padam Padam” (이하 빠담빠담). On Korea “Padam Padam” means heartbeats.

But too bad, in this drama Kim Bum is not the leading man. He’s just a second guy, while the main role is Jung Woo Sung. Kim Bum will play as the friend of Yang Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung). huh? My baby boy playing around with ajeossi? :? their friendship involved while they’re in jail, Kim Bum plays as Gook Soo (oh i hope it’s not his real name in this drama,  just his nickname while he is in jail, because it’s sounds silly and as literally means noodles). In jail, Kang Chil gets protection from Gook Soo, which frankly makes me more confused. With his innocent face he will give some protection for his manly ajeossi?How? :?

This drama doesn’t only tell about prisoner’s life, but also tells about Kang Chil’s romance. Han Ji Min has confirmed to become Jung woo Sung’s girl in this drama. The same with Kim Bum, for Han Ji Min this drama also her comeback project after wrapping “Cain and Abel”(2008).

Actually I’m still in a blur area with this drama’s story. But I’m so excited about Kim Bum’s comeback. I will be updating more stories from this drama.  “Padam Padam” will be airing on December on jTBC.

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