Kim Jae Wook on “Mary Stayed Out All Night”?

Oh yeaaah?! :o
I really really love this news … more excited to wait for November to come. Drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” will start airing on November when Sungkyungkwan Scandal ended. Of course, Kim Jae Wook will act as the villain of Jang Geun Seok to win Moon Geun Yeong’s love. I hope this love triangle will be awesome. B)

Kim Jae Wook’s latest performance was on SBS phenomenal drama “Bad Guy”(2010). However, I really adore Kim Jae Wook’s role in “Antique Bakery” (2009), where he managed to be a gay with an extraordinary charm. In this drama he will act as a man (this time as a normally guy) with all his perfectness, wealth, intelligence, and tenderness but have to compete with the messy indie band vocalist.
Oooo … I missed “waffel Sun Gi” :D …(this time to “Coffee Prince” re-watch, which hundredth times ;) )

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