Kim Myung Min’s Sci-Fi Thriller “Deranged” (연가시) Hits 3 Million Viewers

One of the must watch movies in this summer “Deranged” (연가시) makes a hit, just 11 days after released on July 5th, the movie recorded more than 3 million viewers on July 15th. This is really amazing in the middle of onslaught from Hollywood movie “The Amazing Spiderman”

“Deranged” starred by Kim Myung Min,  Kim Dong Wan, Lee Honey,  and many more. This is a sci-fi thriller movie that tells about infectious disease epidemic. The terror begins when so many bodies found floating in the Han river. The city becomes chaotic, the water has been contaminated by the mysterious virus.

Jae Hyuk (Kim Myung Min) just an ordinary guy who works as medical equipment salesman,  together with his brother,  Jae Pil (Kim Dong Wan), a detective  from Seoul Police Dept. accidentally dragged into an investigation about parasites that infect the human brain, and make them like zombies, until they jumped and drown themselves into the river. The most important thing is that he must save people he loves. His wife and children already show symptoms.

Actually, this movie reminds me about M. Night Syamalan’s movie “Happening” (2008), when  around the world is ‘haunted’ by neurotoxin that causes anyone exposed to it like zombie and commit suicide. But the difference is in “Deranged” the disaster is not natural, this is happened due to human error, Jae Hyuk and Jae Pil have to solve this matter for the sake the people they love. I think this movie is really worth watching. I bet you never regret to see Kim Myung Min’s acting.

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