Jang Dong Gun Shows His Dangerous Charm on Marie Claire

Our perfect gentleman transforms into a bad boy on Marie Claire magazine. Jang Dong Gun becomes so dangerous and hot on this magazine as one of the anticipation for his up-coming movie “Dangerous Liaisons”.

On this pictorial, Jang Dong Gun shows is dark and mysterious side. Did he put the eyeliner??? It doesn’t matter, he is forgivable since he is Jang Dong Gun, he is perfect as always. He looks classy and elegant.

“Dangerous Liaisons” is a movie that he plays alongside with beautiful actresses from China, Cecilia Chung and Zhang Zi Yi. This movie based on legendary novel with the same title. Actually “Dangerous Liaisons” also made on Hollywood version and Korean version (“Untold Scandal” that played by Bae Yong Jun, Lee Mi Sook, Jeon Do Yeon, and Jo Hyun Jae).

Back on 1931 in Shanghai, “Dangerous Liaisons”  tells about the dangerous deal about love that occurs between the cynical cousins. Jang Dong Gun plays as  Xie Yi Fan, he’s known as the greatest player at the time in Shanghai. While Cecilia Chung takes the role as his bitchy cousin,  Mo Jiewi, she has money and power. With their crazy game, they will ruin the life of an ordinary woman, Du Fenyu (played by Zhang Zi Yi). That game will bring three of them in to the great scandal at Shanghai in 1931.

Besides to be released on October 11,  “Dangerous Liaisons” also has already got the place on The 17th Busan International Film Festival that will be held soon on mid-October. This pictorial  published on “Marie Claire” special edition for Busan International Film Festival.

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