Kwon Sang Woo Never Feel Pain in “The Pain”

After wrapping “Daemul,” Kwon Sang Woo took a brief rest, and now he’s coming back with a movie project, “The Pain”.

This movie seems to be quite interesting from the storyline. The title, “The Pain,” is an irony because the leading role actually can’t feel pain. Because of an accident when he was child, Kwon Sang Woo’s role no longer can feel the pain. He will act in this movie along side with Jung Ryeo Won, opposite with Kwon Sang Woo’s role, Jung Ryeo Won will act as a oversensitive person. Then they both involved on romantic love story.

[Rizz additional: hmm, pretty much reminds me of Bruce Willis’ “Unbreakable”…but they turn it into romance]

The shooting has already started since a few days ago (on April 22nd). The movie is scheduled to be released on August. As for Kwon Sang Woo, since his role is as a painless person, there were scenes where he got some hit and injuries but he had to hold his expression..well, that’s quite hard for him. Kwon Sang Woo is always very total in his works. He even “willingly” let himself  hit by a motorcycle.

But there’s something interfering my eyes when I saw Jung Ryeo Won’s outfit. I think she wears all of her wardrobe content. I think her outfit is too much, especially  with her skinny body. She looks sinking in her clothes. Well, that’s probably because of her character as a super-sensitive girl, but why don’t you just do it a little stylish?

I never doubt Kwon Sang Woo play on romantic movie, so I predict this movie will be a quite success in autumn.

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