Kwon Sang Woo, Injuries so Badly for “Pain”

Kwon Sang Woo’s new movie that he plays along side with Jung Ryeo Won, “Pain” published another stills from filming location.
One of those pictures showed Kwon Sang Woo had injuries, bruise, bleeding on his face.

But don’t worry, he didn’t really have injuries. It’s just due to his role on this movie. His role, Nam Soon,  is a man who can’t feel the pain even already suffering so badly like that. He’s no longer feel the pain since he was child on car accident which also cause his family death.

Alone, has tragic childhood, and heartless (can’t feel the pain), I wondered he has not committed suicide?!oops :lol: … but, finally he meets a very sensitive girl (played by Jung Ryeo Won), who will change his unusual life.

For this movie, Kwon Sang Woo works totally for portraying “painless” person. He has to show the plain face when his body gets hurt, it’s not easy.

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