Leader Of T-Ara in the Coffee House

Following Park Ji Yeon, her partner in T-ara girlband who was successfully took a role in drama “God Of Study”, Ham Eun Jeong, who is also leader of the T-Ara, wants to prove her acting ability in the latest series titled “Coffee House”. She played as Kang Seung Yeon in this drama.

This drama, which has Kang Ji Hwan as the leading actor, apparently wants to take advantage from the idol group fever in Korean music industry. Eun Jeong is actually not a  newbie in the acting world, she is a former child actress. She made appearance in many famous singers’ video clips, last appeared in a DaVinchi’s video clip titled “Time, Please Stop”. In 2008 he had taken part in a horror genre movie titled Gosa (Death Bell).

The new drama is airing on SBS channel and has caught public’s attention in Korea and abroad as well.

From several episodes that already aired, Eun Jeong’s acting looks so natural and seems to  able to emulate Kang Ji Hwan’s acting abilities. Kang Ji Hwan himself seems to enjoy working with one of T-ara’s member. In a press conference, Kang Ji Hwan even joked that he would be delighted if Eun Jeong would invite the other members of T-Ara to watch the filming of Coffee House : D

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