Lee Byeong Heon Become Storm Shadow on June

As Storm Shadow in the Hollywood movie “G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra “, Lee Byeong Heon will participate again in the sequel. The plan is, he will begin filming this summer, maybe on June he will fly to America to star filming.

On the sequel, Lee Byeong Heon will still play alongside Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller. Although Lee Byeong Heon role as villain but I like his character, to me he’s a cool villain.

I like GI Joe, because it is a multiethnic movie. The actors come from various countries, such as Morocco, Africa and also South Korea. And maybe because of that, GI Joe Rise of Cobra got a success around the world, including South Korea. But what about the sequel? we’ll have to wait to answer the question… :rolleyes:

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