Lee Dong Wook-Lee Shi Yeong Getting Closer on Wild Romance’s Press Conference

On January 2nd, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Yeong looked so friendly at Grand Ballroom Sheraton Hotel for Wild Romance’s press conference. I don’t know it’s just to keep their chemistry on drama, or there something fishy between them…oops…i don’t want to spread the gossip, but in fact they both look so good together.

Really different with their characters on drama where there’re always quarrel things between them, on that event they both looked so cute and sweet. As Park Moo Yeol and Yoo Eun Jae they are a bickering couple, but as Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Yeong they are cute couple. They stared and smiled each other many times. They both looked very cheerful and happy. We’ll see what will happen next… :o And  anyway i love Lee Shi Yeong’s red mini dress, make her looked more adorable.

Okay, back to drama, beside Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Yeong, there’s another couple, this is the good-side couple. Oh Man Seok and Hwang Seon Hee will play as happy married couple. Oh Man Seok’s character is Moo Yeol’s senior on baseball team and also his bestfriend. With his warm and mature personalities, Moo Yeol really neesd this seonbae to solve his problems. For Hwang Seon Hee, personally i love her chraacter on “City Hunter”, soft and mild, but sometimes can be so tough, but in this drama she no need to save the hero. She just needs to save the family, because on this drama she becomes the charming and loveable wife for his wise husband.

Anyway, on this press conference, i like the appearance of the girls from “Wild Romance”, being simple but looked so adorable, Lee Shi Yeong with that hair cut and red simple mini dress became so cute like a child, and Hwang Seon Hee even with that the skirt she looked elegant.

“Wild Romance” will be broadcast the first episode on January 4th at KBS, can’t wait to see these couple shows their charms…


[by Blossom]

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