“Wild Romance” Released Comical and Cutie Posters

Before being released on January 4th, on December 27th the KBS’s rom-com drama “Wild Romance” published the posters. In the first poster, the two leading roles, Park Moo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) and Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Shi Yeong) pose awkwardly and silly, as they’re forced to be together. For their expressions i can predict that there would be a bickering love story between them.

Actually they both are enemies, begins with competition between two baseball teams, Red Dreamers and Blue Seagulls. These  teams have relationship like Real Madrid-Barcelona’s. Park Moo Yeol as Red Dreamers’s player wearing the red outfit, and Eun Jae as a huge fan of  Blue Seagulls wearing blue outfit. Unfortunately for both, because of a scandal they have to be together. Moo Yeol has to hire Eun Jae, his anti-fan, as his bodyguard.

Even though Moo Yeol is infuriating guy and has a predicate as a troublemaker, eventually this hate relationship  becomes love relationship, …oh yeah because sometimes love become mysterious and unpredictable. Moreover, they actually look very cute together,  please look at the second poster below!

As a judo athlete, instead of looking tough, here Eun Jae looks like an adorable child. And for Lee Dong Wook, frankly I still can not imagine him acting as a jerk, I’m used to him to be a charming gentleman. Okay, actually i can’t wait for January 2012, too much interesting dramas will begin airing that month… :o

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