Lee Dong Wook-Lee Shi Yeong, Will Be Together on Wild Romance

There’s no rest time for Lee Shi Yeong, after kicking the bad person’s ass on “Poseidon” she straightly goes for another small screen project. this time she will spare her acting ability with pretty guy, Lee Dong Wook, on new romantic-comedy drama “Wild Romance”.

Apparently his holiday after “Scent of Woman” already enough to refresh his mind, Lee Dong Wook is ready for future role on “Wild Romance”. On this drama he will play as a famous baseball player who’s described as a loser and stupid person, and Lee Shi Yeong’s character, a former Judo athlete with very bad temper,  forced with circumtances has to be his bodyguard.Then..of course this two different personalities will end on romance, and this drama will be full of bickering and hilarious scenes between them.

I love Lee Shi Yeong, with her adorable face, Lee Shi Yeong seems very comfortable with her role as tough girl. She really enjoys showing her martial art ability. And for Lee Dong Wook, frankly i was quite disappointed with his role on “Scent of Woman”, i think it was so plain, so i hope this time he can bring something different on “Wild Romance”, out of from his comfort zone and gone crazy, because I think it would be more than fun seeing Lee Dong Wook turned comical. “Wild Romance” is project from writer Park Yeon Seon (Alone In Love) and  PD Bae Kyung Soo (Woman of The Sun).

This drama will be airing on KBS as replacing drama of “Man of Honor”, start on January. Either an accidental or deliberate, Its seemed KBS loves to put baseball athlete story as their Wednesday-Thursday drama.

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