Lee Dong Wook Looks Wild on “Wild Romance”

After we are presented by a lot of stills of female lead character, Yoo Eun Jae (Played by Lee Shi Yeong), finally KBS’ most anticipated drama, “Wild Romance”, published more stills of the male lead character Park Moo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook).

For this role, as a baseball athlete, Lee Dong Wook lets his mustache grow naturally. Frankly I prefer him with this look. He’s kind of hotter, manly, and natural than when he appeared as chaebol on “Scent of Woman” where he looked so neat and stiff. For me it was very boring. And now plus with that hairstyle he looks wild, like a bad boy, and absolutely i love it. :mrgreen:

Park Moo Yeol will need help from Yoo Eun Jae to protect him because as a public figure he feels unsafe. This trouble maker athlete has so many enemies, not only envy with his success, many people hate his attitude,  including his bodyguard, Eun Jae. On their relationship will fill with bickering and trivial conflict between them, then as normally rom-com drama, eventually they both will fall in love.

“Wild Romance” will broadcast the first episode on January 4th.

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