Lee Dong Wook Potential To Replace Lee Seung Gi on “Strong Heart”

As we know before that this year Lee Seung Gi withdrew from his variety show projects, “2Days 1Night” (KBS) and “Strong Heart”(SBS). A few days ago Lee Seung Gi explained his reason leaving those shows, not because he’s too busy with his new drama “The King 2Hearts” or Japan promotion album, but he had personal reasons. He thought there would be no season 2 for “2Days 1Night” so the extention was truly beyond his plan that made him puzzled and eventually decided to leave. And he quit as MC for “Strong Heart” because actually he felt he couldn’t handle that show alone after his partner, Kang Ho Dong-seonbae, withdrew last year. Finally he decided not to extend the contract with SBS this year.

These days, it seems SBS start looking for Seung Gi’s successor to be the host on that talk show. Apparently Lee Dong Wook is under the spotlight. On March 10th, King Kong entertainment (Lee Dong Wook’s agency) confirmed that their actor was offered to become MC on “Strong Heart”, but they added that Lee Dong Wook hasn’t decided yet, he still thinking about the offer.

Since he’s discharged from military last year, Lee Dong Wook has been very busy. In a few months he worked on two dramas, “Scent of Woman” and “Wild Romance”, but it will not in vain if he tries something else, becomes MC maybe? Morever, Lee Dong Wook has an experience on that field, because during the military service he’s trusted to became DJ on military radio.

SBS in a rush to find the MC because on March 15th will be the last episode for Seung Gi on “Strong Heart.” Hope they will find the right person to fill that empty place soon.

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