Lee Seung Gi Revealed the Initial of His First Love

On his show “Strong Heart” that broadcasted on February 7th, Lee Seung Gi (once again) revealed his personal life, this time about his first love.

One of his guests, Moon Hee Ok asked him to sing her song “Last Name Kim”, and Boom made an additional request,  Lee Seung Gi had to add his first love name on the lyrics. At first Seung Gi was too shy that he didn’t want to mention her full name because maybe she’s watching that show. But eventually Seung Gi added her initial on the lyrics, and he sings “Last name Kim, first name SK”

Whoaaa…So, in this world there’s a girl with initial SK who has made him fall in love???aaargh…Seung Gi-ssi, you success to make me jealous! X|

But after all, i really love his pure personalities. He is frank and i think the way he talks about his life is so cute and witty. He’s not trying to look cool or exclusive..He’s just a humble and loveable idol…

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