Lee Jun Hyuk Is Officially Enlisted on Military

Yesterday (June 19th) Lee Jun Hyuk started his duty on military service for two years. Sorry I’m late for this article.

Just a moment before officially entered military camp, Lee Jun Hyuk attended a simple last meeting event with his loyal fans. His appearance was so different as usual. Lee Jun Hyuk was wearing a simple shirt. He looked younger and fresh with that military hair cut, his cheeks look chubbier.

He was so happy and felt grateful to be able to support by his loyal fans. He greeted the fans and said thanks to them. For the fans, that moment was quite sad, when Lee Jun Hyuk ‘s popularity blooming due to his dramas “The Equator Man” and “City Hunter”, he decided to join military service, even though he still has the rights for postpone request. I think he had his own consideration  why he ‘left’ when his career was shining.

Okay, Jin Hyuk-ssi, in the next two years i bet you will come back as a better person and a better actor. Good bye , good luck and stay healthy!

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