Will Lee Min Ho be in “Faith”?

Since February 23rd there’s a rumour that Lee Min Ho will  join Kim Hee Sun on a long-postponed-drama-project “Faith”.

This high budget drama has been postponed for two years for so many reasons, especially about the leading male.  Lee Jun Ki, the original cast, has to take off the role due to his duty calling on 2010. Then Kang Ji Hwan, the second candidate, failed to join because the agency matter. Meanwhile, the leading female, Kim Hee Sun, shows her devotion on “Faith.” She’s very patient to wait until now.

Maybe her longing will end soon, because reportedly Lee Min Ho considers the hero role on this sageuk drama. Lee Min Ho’s representative said that it’s true that Lee Min Ho got the offering for the role but he still  reviews the script and hasn’t confirmed yet. If he agree to act alongside Kim Hee Sun, he will be transformed into City Hunter again but for Joseon era version. So, lets crossing finger and pray together. May Lee Min Ho is positive to become classic hero here… :o

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