Lee Min Ho in Thailand for “City Hunter”

After Park Min Yeong released her photox while she were filming “City Hunter”, now  it’s our leading man turn, Lee Min Ho. “City Hunter” had started their cross-border shooting, Lee Min Ho was in Thailand for the their first shooting. And these are his photos from filming location.

It seemed that he really enjoyed Thailand’s warm weather and exotic views. Boating on the river, climbing trees and riding elephant. He wore a casual suit, looks fresh and more handsome with his cheery smile… ouch .. ouch … I love spring time, blossom totally bloom on this May! Even the elephant was smiling… :o

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3 Responses to Lee Min Ho in Thailand for “City Hunter”

  1. I love lee min ho forever…

  2. My life is lee min ho I’m from Iran

  3. LMH is adorable on an elephant, but his real
    elegance has developed as his horse-riding/equestrian skills
    have developed. As a riding teacher of youths in my youth
    I have noticed how he has developed what is called “a seat”
    on a horse. One suggestion, when cantering or galloping, keep
    arms to sides and hands down, then horse will take the lead
    and respond to your gentle voice commands and rhythm with his
    stride. Way to go Lee Min Ho. LOL, but this was serious
    advice, Next will compliment his singing and give a little
    singing and breathing advice. I’m a singer too. Hint
    with me smidah almost always applies, but I am an American,
    so do as you all please.

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