Lee Min Ho Return From LA

After wrapping his CF shooting for outdoor clothing brand with SNSD’s YooNa in Los Angeles since August 8th,  he landed safely at Incheon International Airport on August 17th.

Nothing wrong with his appearance, he even still looks stunning with his casual suit. But that makes me wonder is a little doll hanging on his Louis Vuitton tote bag..hahaha..whether it’s a puppy doll? who gave it to him? :?

Even our city hunter has a cutie doll accompany him during his trip, but actually he looks more adorable with that little thing.

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  1. That doll is the same az his doll in the personal taste ^^

    • oh yeah, are you sure it’s the same doll? I was thinking about that too, but I’m not sure because I only watched “Personal Tasted” once. I just find it so funny to see him carrying the cute doll everywhere with his serious image from “City Hunter”, Lee Min Ho is absolutely adorable.
      and thanks for the info, elnaz…keep visiting our site..:D

  2. Yup! I’m pretty sure its the little Jinho lion from Personal Taste. Awww! How cute that he is stll carrying it around.

  3. Hi girls!!!How are you???Is it true that it will be a season 2 in city hunter????

  4. Really? If that’s true I’m looking forward to that 2nd season of city hunter. My mom and I we’re very crazy of Lee Min Ho.. please keep posting updates about him

    Kamsahamnida ^^

  5. Hi all, especially JuliaGian and Sienna. Sorry it’s a bit long after you ask the question.

    There hasn’t been any confirmation or even a talk about making the sequel of City Hunter. The drama has now been distributed across Asia, so I think they’re still focus on promoting the drama.

    Even on the interview on the Source Link (Newsen) from this article: https://kdramachoa.com/lee-min-hos-smile-after-disenggaging-yoon-seong-character/comment-page-1/#comment-579
    tells us that Lee Min Ho was asked what he thought IF they’re producing the sequel of City Hunter… Lee Min Ho basically said that if he could represent the new Yoon Seong with the new feeling and everything, and also developed a new feeling of the drama, he thought it’d be a very nice idea.
    So I assume that there hasn’t been any talk of producing City Hunter 2.

    At least that’s all I know. If anyone could share something different, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment here ;)

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