Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong: Dating?

Yay! really?Whoaaa…i love this couple, and if they’re dating, i’ll be one of the few supportive fans ;)

The netizens discussion has been quite loaded with the news about our City Hunter couple were caught on camera going out together around last week. There’s no certain denial neither any confirmation.

Through an interview by enews on Aug 23, Lee Min Ho official just said that yes the couple have been close since the drama. They worked together for hours during the drama filming, so it’s no wonder they’re getting close. The official also said that they’ve been going out together for about a month now. Yes, they’re showing interest to each other, but not yet any official confirmation that they’re an item now.

But the next statement released from Lee Min Ho and Park Min Yeong agencies. Short of, their agencies said that it’s so natural if they become friends since they have know each other for a while, but they are not dating. And when they looked together at that night (photos below), actually they met just as friends.

Some people say let the couple enjoy their private lives business and support them if they’re really dating. But some others are still craving for an open confirmation from both celebrities that they really are together.

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