Lee Seung Gi Confirmed For Fantasy Sageuk Drama

On October 18th, Lee Seung Gi’s representative released statement that the actor has already confirmed to come back on small screen.

For his next project Seung Gi chose challenging project, for the first time he will act on sageuk drama, “Guga Medical Book” (구가의서), and more challenging is he will take the role as mythical figure,  half human and half beast, his appearance will not too different from 9 talked fox a.k.a Gumiho. Wait a minute…Seung Gi as male Gumiho??? i think my fever is getting worse…

“Guga Medical Book” is still looking for other casts, and planned to be airing on MBC early next year, maybe on spring.

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6 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Confirmed For Fantasy Sageuk Drama

  1. “i think my fever is getting worse…”

    haha, what does it mean? i do anticipate this drama.. :)

  2. oppa,, welcome back.. i cant wait.. :)

  3. woooooooooow……..this is a best news that i hear today…
    realy thank u…

  4. lee seung gi you are my favorite actor.
    i am inviting from you for a travel to iran.
    come iran.you are very famous here.
    good bye.
    or to persian
    khodahafez be omid didar.
    خداحافظ به امید دیدار.

  5. i hope kim so eun will be the lead female in this drama..

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