Longing For Lee Seung Gi on “King 2Hearts”

More stills of Lee Seung Gi unvealed, and those photos make me getting crazy, because on military uniforms our cute boy has transformed into hot guy!

I never thought that Seung Gi could be more dashing like these, he becomes so manly here. With his tall and solid body, oh he so damn perfect!  After seeing these pictures and other pictures of actors who has been discharged from military service, i get conclusion that military can make the hot guy becomes hotter indeed, right? But don’t get me wrong, i still support for world peace…

Now i believe he really takes some work out for his body looked better, and his effort absolutely not in vain. He’s really excited about this drama, on March 1st even with low temperature he still enthusiastic on location, and also encourage the crew to keep in spirit. He puts his life for this drama i think, i don’t know it’s related or no, but he withdrew from his other projects (2 Days 1Night and Strong Heart) after agreeing to perform on this comeback drama project. His latest drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” was almost two years ago, then soon our longing will be ended on this mid-March.

On “2days 1night” Lee Seung Gi was the youngest member, the beloved dongsaeng, but in this drama he’s forced to be mature, to be a leader with a big burden. But before holding the crown, Lee Jae Ha, the prince, has a duty to learn in army. And for politic reasons he has to make the partnership with North for so many aspects, including love.

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  1. Karphy diamond ormolayour

    I really love this drama but i couldnot get to the end. i wish to know what come out of the end. nice movie keep it up!!!. lots of loves. And kudos to Lee seung gi and Haa ji won

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