Lee Seung Gi Diet For “The King”?

Due to his role on new drama “The King” or “King 2Hearts” as good looking prince, Lee Seung Gi has to go on a diet to make his body looks sharper.

That thing was revealed on  “2Days 1Night” that aired on February 5th, when his seonbae, Lee Soo Geun, teased him about his losing weight a lot. Seung Gi didn’t deny it because he just replied that he just saw Ha Ji Won (his co-worker) yesterday for their drama production.  Maybe Seung Gi feels that he has to prepare his body for acting alongside Ha Ji Won. So these days Seung Gi works hard on his body. I think our cute boy is about to get more mature now, and it’s no problem since we are willingly to see his fit body… :mrgreen:

Anyway, eventhough Seung Gi can’t continue his contribution on 2Days 1 Night for season 2 because his too busy schedule with this drama and album promotions, the seonbae-deul on 2Days 1Night still support him sincerely.

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