Standing Egg’s “Old Song” in The Egde of Summer Playlist

On September 4th, one of my favorite indie band, Standing Egg, released new single. Actually, on mid June they already released the cheery single “Keep Going” (I love the MV and lyrics!), but for this comeback, the trio are presenting quite mellow song, titled “Old Song” (오래된 노래). This song sounds little bit ballad, but (still) light.  In the first week this song managed to stand high on Korean music charts.

Besides “Keep Going”, I also recommend this song for this September. For me this song is romantic but not cheesy. These days i never get bored hearing “Old Song”, sounds smooth and makes relaxed and peaceful. I think this song is so perfect to close the vibrant summer beautifully, and  i’m ready to welcome the autumn…

So, please purchase their songs!

Standing Egg-Old Song (오래된 노래)

Standing Egg-Keep Going

[videos: 1, 2 ]

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