“Me Too, Flower” for Lee Ji Ah-Yoon Si Yoon’s Comeback Project

When “Me Too, Flower” (나도, 꽃) begin the production, they had difficult time until this drama has to be postponed since the main actor, Kim Jae Won, got an injury while filming this drama. It forced him to resign from this project , but eventually after being replaced by Yoon Si Yoon, it seemed that this drama is ready to be airing.

On October 31 was held press conference for this drama. It will be airing on MBC start on November 9th, so there will be no new Wednesday-Thursday drama on MBC for this week. All the roles  attended that event, they were, Lee Ji Ah, Yoon Si Yoon, Seo Hyo Rim, Jo Min Ki, Han Go Eun (Capital Scandal),  and others.

“Me Too, Flower” is the come back project for Lee Ji Ah after “Athena Goddess of War” (2010) and its seemed she already okay and ready for acting again after almost one year struggle with her divorce matter with her ex-husband, Seo Tae Ji. Maybe due to her role in this drama as a quirky policewoman or due to her (finally) wrapped conflict with Seo Tae Ji on courtroom,  recently she appears with shorter hair. Frankly i’m not sure she cut her hair or it’s just a wig but  actually she looks more fresh and younger with that hairstyle.

For Yoon Si Yoon, the King is back, yups…through “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” he becomes phenomenal by gaining ratings more than 50%, maybe for this drama he hopes for the same thing.  Even not as first choice actor (because he replacing Kim Jae Won), i believe he will do the best for this drama. And i think he is pretty  lucky because this time, besides playing as a chaebol he also acts alongside with  the hot noona-deul, Lee Ji Ah, Han Go eun, and Seo Hyo Rim.

“Me too, Flower” is a romantic comedy drama from “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” writer, Kim Do Woo, so lets we hope this drama will be as entertaining as “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon”.

[by Blossom]

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