Moon Geun Yeong Agreed To Act Alongside Park Shi Hoo on “Cheongdam-dong Alice”

Yay! more good news for Moon Geun Yeong’s fans, finally she is positive to comeback on small screen this  year. On August 23rd her agency gave announcement that Moon Geun Yeong agreed to be involved in SBS up-coming drama, “Cheongdam-dong Alice“.

and actually what make me surprised is the male lead actor, they chose Park Shi Hoo as prince charming for this romantic-comedy drama. Seriously, i never imagined that Moon Geun Yeong will be partnered with Park Shi Hoo, for me they are the unpredictable couple that’s why i’m getting more curious about this drama.

I love them both, for acting skill these actors are no doubt. We know that Moon Geun Yeong played amazing on “Cinderella’s Sister”, but please forget about her flop drama “Marry Me, Mary”. While, Park Shi Hoo, gained lots of attention through his latest epic-romantic drama “Princess’s Man” alongside with another Miss Moon, Moon Chae Won. And for sure, i miss his lovely smile and his single eye lid.

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” is based on novel by Lee Hye Kyeong,  with original title “Cheongdam-dong Audrey” that tells about a new hard worker woman in a very though fashion business, Han Sae Kyung (Moon Geun Yeong). As talented designer she managed to works on famous design company, and one day she knows that her boss’s wife is her high school friend who was more miserable than her.  And i still can’t figure out about Park Shi Hoo’s role, there are no leak information for his character. Actually, i only have one request for this drama, no more fantasy please.

This drama planned to follow up “Five Fingers” and will be premiere on late year, maybe on December.

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4 Responses to Moon Geun Yeong Agreed To Act Alongside Park Shi Hoo on “Cheongdam-dong Alice”

  1. I absolutely love her! PSH is one of my favorites! So excited!

  2. i’ve been waiting 4 her comeback..happy that she’ll partner with PSH

  3. Ilove parksihoo and moon geun yeong, I believe they are the perfect couple

  4. waeyo?! can’t they be paired?! what’s the issue?! they’re both good actors! and psh is steaming hot!

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