Moon Geun Yeong As A Stripper

“The Korean little sister” is not little anymore, she looks HOT right now. Moon Geun Yeong‘s appearance gets more mature especially after being involved in theatrical production “Closer”. “Closer” which had been adapted into a movie (played by Julia Robert, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen) tells about four persons who are involved in a complicated love quadrangle.

Moon Geun Yeong’s role is as Alice character, a stripper which on movie version played by Natalie Portman.
Moon Geun Yeong looks sexy when she came to the press conference for this theatrical production, “Closer” on July 20th.

If you watched the KBS’s show “Happy Together” episode “Cinderella’s Sister“, you’d probably remember that when the host asked, “You’re entitled as the nation’s younger sister. But now you definitely not that young anymore. And you probably don’t want to be called the nation’s younger sister forever. So what kind of actress would you like to be remembered by people?”

And that time, Moon Geun Young half-jokingly answered, “I want to be remembered as a sexy actress.” And now look at her….isn’t she SEXY already?  B)

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