More Pictures From “The King 2Hearts” Set

More photos from “The King 2Hearts” revealed, and show the happy times during the filming. With their smile, the main actors, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi create warm and friendly atmosphere on set.

Too easy to make Ha Ji Won laughing indeed, while Lee Seung Gi also has good sense of humor. They joke  a lot, but still act professionally, the filming runs smoothly.

Quite different from her role, Kim Hang Ah, as the North special elite soldier,  Ha Ji Won on these photos looks sweet with her bright smile. Lee Seung Gi as the player-spoiled-prince from the South, Lee Jae Ha,  with his mischievous smile, he looks cute, and with his perfect and tall body that wrapped with military uniform he looks so dashing, right?? You must agree with me this time!

On this black romantic comedy drama, they both, Kim Hang Ah-Lee Jae Ha, will be entangled due do their love to their countries. They both will be trapped on an arrange married business. Actually this drama will bring the heavy issue, but will be packed with more interesting love matter and comedy. I hope this drama will be as interestingly genius as “Salaryman Cho Han Ji”.

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