More Stills of Ha Ji Won from “The King 2Hearts”

Before this i wrote Ha Ji Won looks so stiff with the military uniform, and now with the hair-band-slash-hat and the red gloves she turns into a classic lady on her new drama “The King 2Hearts”. This time the sergeant transformed into North college student, She looks so pretty, modest but classy.

During the filming, Ha Ji Won always shows her bright and cheerful personalities. She loves to laugh and always cheer up the crew. Among her juniors she’s also very humble, there’s no strict gap between them. Then when camera shoot her, she becomes a professional actress,  thats why all the staff, crew, and co-workers feel comfortable working with her.

Her role, Kim Hang Ah, is known as a legendary woman in her country. She’s so pure and innocent inside, and never falls in love. on one of her mission she will meet with prince Lee Jae Ha, then what will happen next??? i’m dying to know the answer.

“The Moon That Embraces The Sun” will ended this week, since”The King 2Hearts” planned to be airing on next week. oh..we are so excited about this drama, can’t wait to look Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi together.

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