More Poster and Teaser Video From “Detective Cha” (차형사)

After publishing the mysterious D-line silhouette poster, up coming comedy movie “Detective Cha” (차형사) finally reveals the true face of that “sexy” figure.

Cha Cheol Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) looked as if he’s a fashionisto who appeared with patterned yellow shirt and yellow plaid pants, and as the good girl, surely i don’t want to comment on his scarf. Meanwhile, behind him there’s  Go Yeong Jae (Sung Yoo Ri)  as his trainer, the person who will transform his belly into six-packed.

One of his cases forced this  shabby and messy detective Cha to disguise as the male super model. Of course, before his D-line dissapeared he must go through the torture diet program with the cruel and strict instructor, Go Yeong Jae.

Cha absolutely didn’t know anything about runway things. His terrible appearance and miserable personalities are too far to be called as the runway model, but for the sake of his job, to solve the criminal case he tried so hard on the diet program. On the teaser looked how miserable he was to solve his overweight matter.

This movie seems like “Miss Congeniality” but on Korean male version. I need this movie, I bet this will be more hilarious, crazier, and wilder. And two thumbs up for Kang Ji Hwan. How could our perfect urban guy transformed into this pathetic person?!

“Detective Cha” will be released on May 31.





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  1. Are you guys ready for Ji Hwan Kang and YuRi Sung movie? You can’t go wrong when it comes to Ji Hwan and YuRi. They got everything from a-z.

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