More Romantic Stills from “Only You”

One of romantic movies that will be released this autumn, “Only You” revealed more stills, mostly the stills from romantic scene, such as when the main character, Cheol Min (So Ji Sub) and Jeong Hwa (Han Hyo Joo) spent time together, piggy back, chatting, touching, and walking together.

Cheol Min, the former boxer, falling in love with Jung Hwa. They met because of fate.  Cheol Min is impressed by  Jeong Hwa’s eagerness for life, eventhough she’s blind since she was child because of an accident. He amazed by her spirit and her independence, and as the guy who loved her, he always wants to protect her.

As planned, “Only You” will be released on autumn. this movie maybe too cliche, about the guy and the girl meet and then fall in love with each other. But I think the director, Son Il Gon, managed to create something special in this movie because this movie was invited on Cannes and Intl. Busan Film Festival. As i know the movies that will be running on those event, mostly, have best qualities.

The leadings, Han Hyo Joo ad So Ji Sub, also the main reason why we have to watch this movie…I always love Han Hyo Joo’s characters on her dramas or movie, her acting and her beauty so natural, and oh yeah, i have to watch So Ji Sub punched the sandbag and his tattoos .. :mrgreen:

[by Blossom]

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