“Only You” Unvealed the Romantic Poster

So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo’s new movie, “Only You” on September 5th revealed the official movie poster. This romantic movie will be released soon  this autumn.

On that poster showed the two leading roles, Cheol Min (So Ji Sub) and Jeong Hwa (Han Hyo Joo).  They show two opposite expression, a cheerful Jeong Hwa and the depressed Cheol Min. As a blind girl, Jeong Hwa, has a bright personality and very positive person. Fate brings her to meet Cheol Min, a former boxer who has a bleak past life,a gloomy figure. Cheol Min finds a second life change after meeting Jung Hwa. He learns about life from her, and also about love.

On the poster there’s also a tagline “내 마음이 단 한 사람만 기억하라고 합니다” (I only remember that person in my heart). Actually I have a bad feeling about this movie, with ‘remember’ word on that tagline, I feel this movie will end up sad.

I think the producers and director made a right decision to choose So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo to act on this romantic movie. Not only because both of them look very good together,but also because their characters are so suitable for them. So Ji Sub is the expert for presenting a depress person, you don’t need to doubt him, oh yeah you can even see that from his expression on that poster. And for Han Hyo Joo, i think her real personality is not too different with her role on this movie.

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