Most Memorable of 2010 Drama

For all the feast, the cheers, the fireworks, and the cold nights…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

2010 had been a memorable year for me because I started this blog ;) . Dramas and movies have been giving a big influence in my life because basically I love stories and writing is more than just a hobby for me…I can say that writing IS my life. Korean drama in particular has been my number 1 TV entertainment ever since I was still an innocent girl :p . But I have to admit that “Cinderella’s Sister” was my turning point for two reasons: 1. Moon Geun Yeong’s character, Gu Eun Jo, touched my heart in a complicated way (that I found hard to explain) just like my favourite antagonist-female-leading characters: the ambitious Scarlett O’Hara from the classic “Gone with the Wind” (by Margaret Mitchell) and the avengious Lu Yi Ping from “Yan Yu Meng Meng” or “Romance in the Rain” (by Qiong Yao). 2. This drama was aired during the “complicated” moment of my life. I just came home and watched “Cinderella’s Sister” and a thought just popped up in my head: “Why don’t I start writing something about Korean drama? Why don’t I start it with “Cinderella’s Sister” ?” So I called my bestfriends, asked them to help me, then I sat in front of my laptop and started writing.

Therefore, “Cinderella’s Sister”, despite my disappointment of the drama in the end, is my most memorable drama of 2010.

Gu Eun Jo was memorable because of her strong character and just as the explanation I said earlier.

However, besides “Cinderella’s Sister”, I had some other “Memorable” categories from 2010 dramas:

1. Favourite Come Back: actress Chae Rim in “Oh! My Lady”

I always like Chae Rim ever since “All About Eve.” Though this drama reminded me so much of her 2007’s “Dalja’s Spring”, I just love her come back as Yoo Kae Hwa. It could be Kang Ji Hwan in “Coffee House”, but I like Chae Rim more :p

2. Favourite Gang: the quartet in “SungKyunKwan Scandal”

I really love this drama, the famous quartet are definitely my favourite gang! Better than “Boys Before Flower”. My biggest regret was of course because I didn’t manage to write about it. All the cute nicknames, the love triangle, the unforgetable Gu Yeong Ha, the secret missions, the JYJ’s soundtrack….everything!

3. Favourite Buzzwords: “Na Bu Tae Hee yah Bu Tae Hee..!” [so sorry for Gu Yeong Ha… ;)]

4. Most Amusing Drama(s): I can’t decide between “Secret Agent Miss Oh” and “Secret Garden”

These two dramas never failed to make me laugh…as simple as that.

5. Disturbingly Most Favourite Male Character: Kim Joo Won from “Secret Garden”

I thought it was gonna be Han Do Hoon, but Kim Joo Won character is really…really…I’m speechless :lol:

6. Most Lovable Small Screen Actor: Lee Seung Gi

7. Most Lovable Small Screen Actress: Moon Geun Yeong

8. The “Whoaa” Drama: “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu”

I wasn’t interested at all in this drama at first, but it turned out to be quite interesting. However, what made me made a “whoaa” of this drama was its rating that hit 50% something! That’s very much something considering the tough competition in Korean drama industry.

9. The Most Played Drama OST:

I think it should be Cinderella’s Sister’s “The Calling Out”. I dunno why, I just love to listen to it.

10. The Most Disappointing Drama: “Marry Me, Mary!”

I’m still working on the last three episodes. Sorry for being so late. It’s because I was so reluctant to watch them…but I keep on going, no worry.

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