“My Black Mini Dress” VIP Movie Premiere

On March 15th the “My Black Mini Dress” VIP Premier was held at the CGV Yongsan IMAX, but I don’t want to discuss about “My Black Mini Dress”, you probably know better than me. All I want to discuss is the appearance of the VIP guests in attendance, Yups .. the celebrities.

The casts, minus Yoo In Na:

Son Ye Jin, she’s my favorite that night. She looked so cute and cheerful with banana skirt, and I love her hat.

Baby Vox’s former member. I know their time was over, but they still fine to appear with idol style .. wow .. you all still look like rock-stars onniedul!

Ha Ji Won…maybe it was only her who dared to combine the girly-black-mini-dress with an army jacket, and turn out to be cool and absolutely gorgeous! But that made ​​me wonder, why should it be the army jacket? Did she already miss her lover .. oops I means her partner, Hyun Bin, who was on duty in the army? :rolleyes: hohohohoho … I hope .. ;)

Moon Chae Won, what a size bag, onnie!!! and I love it.

Lee Da Hae, .. hohoho … I remember myself, these are my outfit when I went to cinema. The safety outfit :p

[Rizz: yeahh…now I know where you get this style huh blossom. But haven’t you got enought with it??]

Eugene, kyaaa… May I have her peach-lunch-box? I really want that cutie box…seriously… :D

The guys..hohoho..their outfits were quite safe.  Absolutely Seven came to support  his lover, Park Han Byeol. What about  Kim Seung Oh? Did he came for Ah Yeong-ie? :)

IU… saw this picture and just realized it was IU I was looking at. Her theme was a school girl :o ,and that made it lookedlike she just came to the event after finished her school time.

Korean style has been quite a hit across Asia nowadays, so for me red carpet or premiere moments were always interesting to put attention to. Well, they’re quite a reference…

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