My Black Mini Dress’s another Poster and Trailer

Looking at the shoe, reminded me to Carrie , the “Sex and the City” fashionista who is obsessed with shoes. Hmm could it be “My Black Mini Dress” take the same concept with that Hollywood movie?

“Take off your casual shoes and wear hot stilettos to explore the world!” That’s the tagline on the poster, it takes more than just a casual shoe for exploring the real life of women, beside black mini dress you also need a dozen stilettos.  Trust me!!!

And after seeing the trailer I was sure that if this movie was not much different from the “Sex and the City”. Maybe it’s like another prequel from that movie or before the sisterhood success on their career and love. In this movie the sisterhood were still young (about twenty something), klutz, immature, but sparkling. It would be nice because woman’s things will never be boring to explored …

so just enjoy these ‘Queen Bees’, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo In Na, Park Han Byeol, and Cha Ye Ryeon explore their world on March 24th.


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