My Girlfriend is a Fox with 9 tails

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Reading the title of this upcoming drama just straightly reminds me of a Japanese anime, Naruto. My girlfriend is a Jin Chuu Riki? Hoho, I think this fantasy drama will be interesting.

The story is about an action stuntman student who is afraid of ghosts and 9-tailed foxes, yet falls in love on the first sight with the 9-tailed fox girl.

The original title of this drama is actually “내 여자 친구는 구미호” which is literary translated as “My Girlfriend is Forbidden”. Well yeah, the 9-tailed fox in Naruto was scary and forbidden. Anyway, it has cleared that Shin Min Ah is going to be the 9-tailed fox girlfriend. She was paired with Rain in 2005’s drama “A Love to Kill” and with Joo Ji Hoon in 2007’s “The Devil”, now she’s going to be paired with Lee Seung Gi. For Seung Gi, it’s just about a year from his last performance in “Brilliant Legacy.”

Is Min Ah-Seung Gi’s pairing going to be a good one? Let’s see.

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