My Sorrow Playlist: Baek Ji Yeong’s “Like Being Hit By A Bullet”

Maybe just because of the weather or the moon that has been so close with the earth these days, my emotion gets upside down and my heart feeling unwell and sorrow. It’s been almost a week that in my head lingers  Baek Ji Yeong’s song “Like Being Hit By A Bullet” (총 맞은 것처럼).

To enjoy my sorrow i willingly added that heartbreak song on my playlist. The perfect song for me, but for Baek Ji Yeong through this song she  managed to prove that she’s the great singer and entertainer, this song was the turning point for her life.  “Like Being Hit By A Bullet” came from her seventh album “Sensibility” that released on 2008. With the success of this song, it means Korean public has totally accepted her back and gave forgiveness for the scandal, the public has forgotten that sin and she deserves to be forgiven indeed.

Actually, this song is really painful, but for me this song is the masterpiece from Baek Ji Yeong. Just hear the lyric and see the MV, you’ll know what I mean.

MV: Baek Ji Young-Like Being Hit By a Bullet 총맞은것처럼



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