New Posters from Son Ye Jin’s New Movie “The Tower” Published

Son Ye Jin back on big screen, her up-coming movie “The Tower” is ready to be released on December.

“The Tower” is a heroic movie that describes people who struggle to survive on big fire accident at the peak floor of the building on Christmas eve. The charismatic posters has been revealed since last month. Not only Son Ye Jin as the main character, the posters also revealed  Kim Sang Kyung as heroic father, Lee Dae Ho, and Seol Kyung Gu as the brave fire fighter  Kang Yeong Gi.

On the Christmas eve, on 108th floor  a big fire accident occurs and threatening many lives, they are trapped. Not only the firemen who are struggling on this accident, but also the victims,  who  are just ordinary people have to survive for those people they love.

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