Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) Episode 2 Quick Summary

Nice Guy episode 2 started on the plane incident. Jae Hee asked Ma Ru to stop treating Eun Gi because he’s not a doctor. But KAng Ma Ru seemed to know what he was doing, so he continued on the emergency treatment. Eun Gi was okay and the plane was going to land on the airport soon, so Ma Ru just went back to his seat.

Arriving at Seoul, Jae Hee brought the unconscious Eun Gi to the hospital. Meanwhile Kang Ma Ru and his friend, Jae Gil, were driving back home. Jae Gil kept talking about Jae Hee and it made Ma Ru upset. He got off the car and left his friend and the car. He took a walk to clear his mind.
Ma Ru recalled the memory of his past, when he first met Jae Hee. He was with his sister at home. He was washing some clothes in front of the house when the teenager Jae Hee came to his house looking for a hiding place. A bad guy had beaten her. Ma Ru saw the wounds and applied some medicine on them. “My dream is to become a doctor,” said the young Ma Ru. They stayed close even after they grew up. They went to the same university and often spent time together, studied, eating street foods and shared all the laughter.

Standing on that street, Ma Ru reminded himself that it was all in the past. “Stop it. I’m not that old Kang Ma Ru,” said the current Ma Ru looking at his flasback imaginary, “Finish. Here. Finish.”

Seo Eun Gi was in the hospital but she still busily worked and ate fried chicken. She knew that the person who saved her on the plane was not a doctor and someone Han Jae Hee knew. She’s talking to her assistant when she got a report from the bank that Jae Hee had withdrew a big amount of money. She ordered someone to followed Han Jae Hee.

And there she was, climbing up the stairs of her old neighborhood. She’s in front of Ma Ru’s house and saw the imaginary of the teenage her looking for shelter in that house. But then she heard some people were fighting. That’s Ma Ru’s friend arguing with a couple. The husband accused Ma Ru to be the wife’s lover. After the couple went away, Jae Hee who heard what the man was saying, asked Jae Gil about how Ma Ru runs his life now.

Meanwhile Ma Ru was with his sister in the hospital. He’s being the nice and caring big brother to his sister. He became so over protective to her that she couldn’t go the university, no clubbing and no drinking alcohol. Her sister kept nagging him and said she’s so sick that she’s thinking of just kill herself. She still blamed Ma Ru for what happened 6 years ago, leaving her alone that day.

Ma Ru carried his sister on his back climbing up the stairs to their house. Jae Gil was explaining everything that happened to Ma Ru’s life. Jae Gil told her that it’s because of Jae Hee that Ma Ru couldn’t go away.
After helping MA Ru putting Choco on bed, Jae Gil gave Ma Ru what Jae Hee asked him to. Apparently they’re money…a crazily big amount of money, 1 billion won. Ma Ru took away that money and hurriedly went out to see Jae Hee, but she’s already on the wheel.

On her way back, Jae Hee recalled the memory of that night. Ma Ru sacrificed for her and let her go away. When she got back home, her step daughter welcomed her. Eun Gi asked her about the person who saved her, who was not a doctor, and if he’s someone she knew and related to the 1 billion won she withdrew from the bank. Jae Hee’s excuse was that she gave that person that big amount of money to say thank you for helping Eun Gi stayed alive.

Eun Gi might have threatened her, but apparently Jae Hee also got Eun Gi’s card. She’s talking about a man Eun Gi knew in the US, Eun Gi’s ex-boy friend, sort of. That man asked Eun Gi for help related to his father. Then the current Eun Gi made a call to that man from the past. But that man now has become a husband and father. He’s Eun Gi’s bleak past.

Eun Gi planned to sue Ma Ru for what he had done on the plane and also the 1 billion he received from Jae Hee. Ma Ru was actually in front of Seo’s mansion when Eun Gi was heading out. He reached the gate and was about to ring the bell but refrained. He ended up just left the money in the mail box. Then he received a call from his sister. She’s frightened because some policemen was searching him in their home. They brought him to the police office. Ma Ru asked who’s the name of the person who report this. They told him that she’s Han Jae Hee. Ma Ru had to leave his sister again. Choco kept crying saying that her brother was not a bad person. Ma Ru had to speak harsh words to make her go back home.

Han Jae Hee headed to the police station to make a testimony. There they’re, Ma Ru and JAe Hee, sitting face to face in the police station. Jae Hee gave her testimony,but Ma Ru didn’t answer the question the police asked him. He’s mind was too busy talking to himself.

Eun Gi was having a hard time with his father. Chairman Seo was on the wheel chair now. He’s treating his daughter very tough. He even said if she couldn’t hear what he said, she should just go away just like her mother. She got a cut on her face when Mr.Seo threw a cup when he was expressing his anger.

Jae Hee came to Eun Gi’s room to check on her condition. Eun Gi was a strong woman. Instead of being thankful for Jae Hee’s care, she brought up the topic about the person who saved her and the 1 billion again. But JAe Hee told her that her mission failed because 1 billion was back to her hand. Jae Hee was not afraid of Eun Gi and she knew how to handle her.

Ma Ru just stayed overnight at the jail and was released next day. He went back home but found Choco was no where at home.His neighbor told him that his sister was taken to the hospital. Ma Ru hurriedly to the hospital and found Choco was in the ICU. Feeling guilty to his sister, Kang Ma Ru seemed to hold some anger towards something or someone.

Then somewhere, a girl was riding a mountain motorbike. She’s racing with someone. Then the other person fell off his motorbike. The girl kept going on the race until she reached a turn on the cliff and almost fell off it. She’s Eun Gi and thankfully a branch of a tree helped her. And then someone came to give a hand. He’s the other person who raced with her. He’s Kang Ma Ru.

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Episode 2 revealed everybody’s pain and their bleak pasts. And the ending makes us can’t hardly wait for next week episodes. There should be a story about how Ma Ru and Eun Gi could race the motorbike there. Has Ma Ru decided to get a revenge to Jae Hee? Oh, Song Jung Ki’s innocent face and the bleak expression he’s showing in this drama made his misery life felt more heart breaking…

Aahh too bad that I think I won’t be able to make a quick recap next week. But hopefully I still can squeeze writing summary between my schedule, hopefully.

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  1. Whayaa??I mean a im really grateful to have the recapiQuick recap you jus posted and im wide awake at midnightvjust ti read this recap.Even though i’ve mt exam going on.Lots-no heaps of thanks<3<3<3
    And yes this drama shows"loving too much isnt good especially in the world like today..whre everyone belittles othe-too much of eth becomes poisonous"

  2. thanks a lot fr the awesome quick recap… I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon this site because waiting is so freaking painful lol

  3. jan song oh sørskog

    thank you for the recap. I watched the first episode and loved it. I watched the 2nd episode right after raw, but I couldn’t get it because of no subs. I’m so looking forward to next episodes!

    song oh

  4. Thanks for the summery. i fall in love to this drama. I like Moon Chae-won. she has a great acting. Chaewon ssi whaiting…!!!
    wish to hear your new project again

  5. It is kind of wierd movie but in a good way though

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