Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 8 Quick Summary

Episode 8 of Nice Guy started with the last scene we saw on the previous episode. Eun Gi was making a confession to Ma Ru under the rain, meanwhile Han Jae Hee who was going to visit Ma Ru could only watch from a distance. Jae Hee just left what she brought for Ma Ru on the alley.

Ma Ru kept avoiding Eun Gi’s question about his own condition after he treated her wounds. Ma Ru changed clothes and we could see his full of bruises body.

Eun Gi did a monologue as if she’s talking to her mother. She said she would be strong. Ma Ru went out to get something to eat. He saw what Jae Hee had left for him,but he just ignored it and continued walking.

Jae Hee was still in her car. Secretary Ahn approached her.

When Ma Ru came back, Eun Gi had fallen asleep. He put her on bed and stayed next to her. Suddenly he saw a new picture among his old family photos. It’s a picture of a beautiful beach. She said she was bored so she read a book and found the picture. Eun Gi said they should go traveling to that beach tomorrow. It’s gonna be their first traveling together.

Ma Ru remembered it was the picture Jae Hee once showed him long ago. That beach was also supposed to be their first traveling together. Ma Ru watched Eun Gi sleeping. He leaned closer and then kissed Eun Gi.

Jae Gil was still away with Choco somewhere away from Seoul.

Ma Ru went out shopping some clothes and shoes for Eun Gi. He saw Jae Hee’s face on a newspaper at the counter and got a phonecall from her. He just ignored it.

Meanwhile Jae Hee was frustrated because the night before Secretary Ahn told her that Mr.Seo had saw the cctv video and knew what she did behind him. Jae Hee knew what kind of a person her husband was, so begging for forgiveness would not work. Secretary Ahn also told her that Seo Eun Gi had known her past with Ma Ru. Now there’s nothing she could do anymore. Secretary Ahn suggested her to leave the house immediately.

Han Jae Hee left a fake voice message to Ma Ru. She acted as if she was attacked by her abusive brother. She asked Ma Ru for help. But Ma Ru didn’t even bother to listen to her message. But when he was quite close to home,he listened to the message.

At home, Eun Gi woke up so late that she was wondering what so comfy about that house that could make her sleep that well.

Ma Ru called someone and seemed to be upset, asking that person where he was that time. He left his shopping for Eun Gi at home and sent her a text, saying that he had to leave because of a business so they should go traveling tomorrow instead. But Eun Gi got another text from an unknown number, telling that Ma Ru and Jae Hee was somewhere together.

Jae Hee acted well as if someone had beaten her.Ma Ru was going to treat Jae Hee’s wound when he got a phonecall from Jae Hee’s brother who was stuck in the police station because he was caught in the middle of his girfriend’s fight with another woman. Ma Ru could hear how noisy the women’s loud voices and also the police. Jae Hee’s brother said that he called Ma Ru because he only had Ma Ru’s number to call in this situation. So Ma Ru knew JAe Hee was just acting, but he acted like he didn’t know anything and continued on treating her wound.

She asked what she meant for him. Ma Ru said she knew him well that she even knew his weakest point. Eun Gi actually came and heard what Ma Ru said, but she didn’t hear until the end. Jae Hee said she would go down, down to the garbage world she once lived at just like what Ma Ru wanted.  “No, don’t do that. Now Han Jae Hee’s where about, where she is going or where she wanted to go, I don’t care anymore,” said Ma Ru.

Ma Ru left Jae Hee with all their sweet memories lingered in his mind for the last time. Ma Ru finally cried. Seo Eun Gi, who overheard Ma Ru’s half speech, decided to leave. Ma Ru saw her drove away. Jae Hee called asking if he’s leaving because of Eun Gi and he would try to love her. He said he’s regretting for what he done to Eun Gi. Ma Ru tried to call Eun Gi, but she ignored it.

Eun Gi didn’t go back to Ma Ru’s house and Ma Ru just saw her traces in his house. He looked at the beach picture again and found the old mark of Jae Hee >love< Ma Ru.

Jae Hee went to a safe box. She’s been keeping an important information about Tae San’s Group’s bleak secret. That file was related to the event when she killed someone six years ago.

Seo Eun Gi went to the beach alone. Ma Ru was still deep in his thought when he got an mms from Eun Gi. She sent him the picture of the beach. Ma Ru immediately went there.

Meanwhile Jae Hee came back home with her file. Attorney Park was still investigating Jae Hee’s past. And Secretary Ahn was preparing to leave his position.

When Ma Ru arrived at the beach, Eun Gi was still there.Ma Ru joined her sitting on the sand. “It’s our first time being here too, right?” asked Eun Gi. “Yes,it is. I was supposed to come here with someone long ago, but we couldn’t go,” said Ma Ru. “What kind of someone?” Eun Gi continued. “Someone that I loved,” Ma Ru answered.

“Who is that person?”
“Han Jae Hee.”

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Honestly I don’t know where the story will be going. It’s just 8 episodes away, but in the traditional Kdrama, such a plot usually reaching the end of the show. But not here, I suppose. Seeing the preview, Mr.Seo will be dead and Jae Hee actually doesn’t mean that. But the true evil seems to be Secretary Ahn at the end. And about Ma Ru and Eun Gi who are driving their cars towards each other in the tunnel? I really have no idea what that means.

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  1. i love your super fast recaps, love it so much,
    thank you…

    i think i’ve fallen in love with this drama bcos of songjoongki.. but no.. it’s not only bcoz of him, it’s more than that..

    i think MR is starting to be honest about his life. He can’t resist EunKi’s innocence, right..
    i hope all the bad guys will get their punishment.

  2. wow… poor MR:-(
    i hope the end he willbe happy
    thank u for recaps, meci

  3. atefeh u az irani?? me too

  4. i am going crazy because of this drama; whenever i draw an event line it get ruined in a way or another. this drama is unpredictable; anyhow, if this takes another turn other than what i expected, i’ll never watch korean dramas again.

  5. Loved this drama too….unbelievable story…from episode 1….it has kept us thinking what will happen next….passionate actors…love it!!!!

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